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How to Find Someone on Facebook by Phone Number

Facebook has introduced a new interesting feature once again, called phone number search. This feature makes it possible for anyone to search for their friends or family members’ phone numbers by using the search bar. So if you’re wondering how to find someone on Facebook by phone number, it’s definitely possible to do so.

However, this feature is usable only if the user has accepted that Facebook will show their numbers. If not, unfortunately, there’s no other thing you can do about it.

But, don’t lose hope! There are other methods that are worth mentioning as well.

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The List of Possible Methods

To find Facebook by phone number, there are plenty of other methods that you can also do, such as:

1. Sync your contacts to Facebook

The first, and probably the most straightforward method to find Facebook friends by phone number is by syncing their contact to Facebook. While searching on Facebook, you may notice a feature to sync your contacts.

By doing this, Facebook will show you a list of the people in your contacts who have Facebook accounts. You can see their names and phone numbers at the same time. However, there’s a chance that the user might’ve changed their usernames, so you better check on that.

2. Using

In 2022, there were 280 million Facebook users in the US, and it’s projected to grow in the upcoming years. Seeing how many people use it, Facebook always has to offer something new for the users.

So, one of the most recent features Facebook has introduced is phone number search, which you can try directly by using the search bar. In this empty space, instead of filling in the usernames, you can find someone by entering their phone number.

However, please note that this feature may work only if the user actually accepted the option to show their number. They have to set this option in the settings and choose who can find their numbers. If they set it to public, then everyone can simply see it.

3. Using the Mobile App

The next method to find my Facebook account by phone number is by using a mobile app. You can search for someone by putting their phone number in the Facebook app. This method works on all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

When you open the app, you may notice that there’s a magnifying glass icon right on the top. So in order to start searching, click that very icon. Once you clicked it, now you may start entering the phone number you want to search. Do it carefully and ensure that it’s correctly input.

Now when you click search, you’ll see a result. Most of the time, it’ll be only one result as there’s only one owner to that phone number. If you don’t see anything, probably it’s because the user has set their number to private. So no matter what you do, it will be hidden.

4. Using number lookup service

Another method to find Facebook by phone number is by using third-party services. If you check it on the internet, you may find an abundant list of number lookup services. What these services do is search for someone’s identity, location, and any other details by using only a phone number.

For example, there’s, one of the best number lookup services that we highly recommend. The way it works is pretty simple. All you need to do is to enter the phone number in the search bar, and Scannero will do the job for you.

Another way it works is by sending text messages to the target. These messages contain a link for location-sharing. So once the user approves, you can see their locations directly.

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How Lookup Facebook by Phone Number Works

To search Facebook by phone number, you need to do some things, such as:

1. Open the website

The very first thing you have to do is to visit the website.

2. Put the number

Once you’re there, simply look for the search bar button. So to start looking for somebody, you may enter the phone number in the given box, and press Locate. However, make sure that the country code and the number are correct.

3. See the result

Shortly after, you can see the results containing the phone number’s owner, their location, and other details.

What Other Info Can I See Using the Tool Above?

By using the lookup Facebook by phone number service above, you can see some information related to that phone number, including:

  • Owner’s name;
  • Email;
  • Where they worked or currently work;
  • Where they studied, or currently study;
  • And Social networks connected to that person.


And there you have it, the top method to find someone on Facebook is by using a phone number. Now that this feature exists, you may try to find someone by using their number, so in case they forgot to tell you about their accounts, you can search for it directly through Facebook.

On the other hand, number lookup services, like Scannero can be really helpful in doing the same task. With just a phone number, you can get all the other details mentioned above.

Find facebook account by number

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