Is It Illegal to Track Someone’s Phone

Is It Illegal to Track Someone’s Phone? Let’s Investigate

Sharing data is almost unavoidable when using most apps nowadays. With over 82.78% of iOS apps tracking private user data, lines have blurred between what’s acceptable and what’s legal. You may be wondering — is it illegal to track someone’s phone? The answer to that is complex. Let’s find out more!

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Is It Illegal to Track Someone’s Phone?

Is it illegal to track someone without them knowing? In short, yes! It is illegal to track someone’s phone without their explicit consent. Yet, certain tricky situations could warrant its use.

As a parent, your children’s safety comes first. Staying informed about their whereabouts could make all the difference. An employer may need to have shipping updates to report on. Hence, they may need to track company vehicles and, as an extension, their employees’ locations.

We’ve all found ourselves in such situations. Your friends have visited faraway and remote places, leaving you worried about their safety. Similarly, you might feel concerned about your spouse’s behavior. If you suspect danger or foul play in any case, it’s only human to find ways to look out for your loved ones.

These are a few cases where it’s easy to see why keeping tabs on people might be necessary.

Cases When You Can Legally Track Someone’s Location

Is it illegal to track someone’s location? Usually, it is. The law is complex but there are certain scenarios when you can track people legally.

  • As a parent, you can track your children’s geolocation if they are less than 18 years old and live with you. Your children’s well-being is crucial, but we’d advise you to check your local privacy laws to remain lawful.
  • ​​As an employer, you can track people’s activity on company-owned assets. Often, employees agree to some form of monitoring during work hours as part of their contract. However, in some states, employees need to be aware of this beforehand, so it’s best to check your local or state laws regarding on-duty surveillance.
  • If the person you are tracking has explicitly given their permission and is fully aware that you can track their location, keeping tabs and tracking them is legal and you are good to go!

What Does US Law Say About This?

Each state has its own legislation regarding consent and privacy laws. Is it illegal to track someone in your state? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.

Many states have reacted to a recent rise in privacy concerns over tracking people without their knowledge. States like New Hampshire and California have laws that forbid the use of electronic tracking devices on vehicles and the tracking of anybody’s location or movement without their consent.

States like North Carolina deem tracking someone’s location without their explicit consent unlawful under cyberstalking prevention laws. Illinois doesn’t permit location tracking but allows employers to keep track of their employee’s work as an exception. Virginia broadly prohibits tracking any unsuspecting person but allows private investigators to do the same as an exception.

These cases show how nuanced laws are. NCSL’s site is a great resource for more information on state statutes on tracking. Follow up on your state government’s laws before tracking anybody.

Is tracking someone’s phone illegal? Depends on the situation and the laws governing the area. GPS trackers can come in handy for a variety of reasons. But they must comply with state and federal regulations.

Different states have varying degrees of privacy laws to protect individuals and entities. Toeing the line between lawful and unlawful cases of GPS tracking is getting complex. A little research will go a long way from getting you in trouble.

Before using any tracking device or software, it’s best to consult your local police. To ensure validity, a local attorney fluent in personal and commercial law around privacy should verify the same information.

How to Track People Legally?

Wondering how to track your loved ones legally? Scannero is your ideal solution! Whether it’s about caring for your partner’s or child’s safety or staying in touch with your friends remotely, it’s here to help. You can legally track anybody’s location with just their phone number!

Scannero, an advanced geo-tracking tool, uses triangulation to estimate any phone’s approximate location. It relies entirely on user consent to obtain location data, so you can rest assured.

Find anybody’s location in three easy steps using Scannero:

  1. First, sign into your account with your email and password, and enter the phone number whose precise location you wish to know.
  2. It’ll send them a location request via text, email, or any messenger. You can customize the message to your style, thus increasing the chances of the recipient clicking on the link! The person receiving the request would be free to opt in or out of this request.
  3. Once they click the requested link, Voila! You will see their precise location details, including the street, coordinates, and more granular data.

In addition to location tracking, Scannero offers many other functionalities. You can locate your lost phone or look up calls from unknown numbers to find their identities. You can protect your online privacy by checking which online databases have your personal information. It’s your all-around solution for tracking any phone’s location in real time.


The answer to the overarching question, ‘Is tracking someone illegal?’ is layered. Using Scannero, you can stay connected with your friends, families, and spouses legally via location-tracking and ensure their safety. It is affordable, fast, and safe, and your next location request is just a few steps away.