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The Top Text Message Tracking Methods You Can Try Today

Have you ever thought about how to track someone through text messages? With the rapidly advancing world, the need to be interconnected is rising, especially when you know that there’s a huge risk your dearest family members could encounter on the internet.

For example, grandparents have been victims of malicious scam attempts, which resulted in a huge financial loss. In Australia, people have suffered more than $ 200 million in financial loss due to the scam. As their kids or grandkids, it’s really sad to see something that terrible happened to them.

Concerned family members are also worried about their parents’ whereabouts, especially if they’re suffering from memory loss symptoms. If the same thing happens to you, you’ll need a tool to track their devices.

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Why Do You Need to Track?

There’s a plethora of reasons why people are doing it in the first place. Most of the time, it’s about concerned family members or parents who are worried about their loved ones’ whereabouts.

The parents may use tracking tools to know about their kids’ locations. That way, even from afar, they can always monitor their position.

The very same thing also happens to concerned family members of elderlies who have symptoms of memory loss. They can use the tool to check the location in emergency situations, so in case they’re wondering somewhere, the family members can always get informed.

Now, can someone track your location from a text?

Can Someone Track Your Location from a Text?

In this day and age, you don’t need to have a great knowledge of IT in order to check someone’s location using a text message. And yes, it’s pretty doable. However, this method will only work if you use a certain tracking tool.

If you use the default and plain text message and hope that you can get a piece of information out of that, of course, you won’t get anything.

By using these tracking tools, you’ll get a tracking link you can share through text messages. When the target clicks it, you’ll be informed about their actual live location.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that text message location trackers are easy to work with. In fact, users will only need to do a few basic steps to get it working.

How to Track Someone through Text Message

As mentioned above, it’s possible to do text message tracking by using location trackers. These tools will give you a sharable link, which you will send to the target phone through a text message.

Once the user clicks it, you can get direct information about the phone’s whereabouts. It is that easy and simple.

Can It Be Free?

Yes, although as you may know, all free things come with consequences. If you want to find a way to track text messages on iPhone, we highly recommend using some premium tools, which might have higher prices, but better functionality.

What Is the Right Choice?

For tracking text messages, we highly recommend using the best tracker tool option you can have called Scannero. This is how to track someone’s location in such a quick and easy way.

Track phone number with Scannero

check location in 1 click

Scannero functions to deliver mobile device location tracking either by using a text message or phone number. For the phone number, all users have to do is put down the numbers in the search bar. Let Scannero scans it for a while, and you’ll get the quick result right after.

This can be a nice solution if you want to quickly know the location of your family members in some cases like you’re missing your parents in public spaces or other crowded locations, like tourist attractions and malls.

It’s also working well to check the last location of your missing phone. Just simply enter the phone number, and you can track its location live.

How It Works

To trace anonymous text messages, we highly recommend using Scannero. Aside from the affordable pricing, it also has such an easy way to track the target phone’s location. Here’s how to track someone’s location using text messages on Scannero:

1. Create an Account First

The very first thing users have to do is to make an account. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward step.

2. Using Text Messages To Send Location Requests

And then, Scannero will generate a text message that can be sent to request the location of the target phone.

3. Checking The Result

If the target approves, you may check their live location right away by checking the maps sent through your email.


And that’s how you can track someone’s location using text messages. As you can see, the methods are actually easy, as long as you use the correct and suitable tool for the task. We highly recommend using Scannero as it’s really simple, easy to use, and functions really well in tracking the phone’s location.

Track phone number with Scannero

check location in 1 click