The Best Phone Tracker App without Permission

The Best Phone Tracker App without Permission!

Phone tracking has become easier now, thanks to the development of phone trackers. These tools can be a definitive solution to those wondering about how to track a cell phone location without installing software on target phone.

The way these phone trackers work is by using the users’ inputs which are usually either phone numbers or text messages. Yes, it’s possible to track someone’s location using these two resources. What matters is the quality of the tracker tool you’re going to use.

In this article, we’ll mention some brief information about these phone trackers, along with a solid recommendation. Check more info below!

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Why Do You Need to Track a Cell Phone Location?

It’s kind of tricky to find best phone tracker app without permission, remembering how many they are on the market. So to make it easier for you, we want to explain about a certain tracking app that works wonders.

In 2023, there are more than 310 million mobile phone users in the USA. That many numbers are only a portion of the total number of phone users around the world, which could be way more.

When everything seems to be connected, it has become easier to obtain certain information, including someone’s location. Phone tracking is actually beneficial for parents who are worried about their kids’ safety. With the phone tracker apps, they can easily monitor their kids’s location, and have a solid piece of information in case something goes terribly wrong.

The apps are also beneficial if you want to do a quick search of your family members’ location in case you or they got lost. With these apps, you may easily check their locations only by putting their phone numbers.

What Is the Best Phone Tracker App without Permission?

To trace a cell phone location without them knowing, you may consider a few notable recommended options. To make it easier to differentiate them, we’ve provided a table which you can see below:

The Tool’s NameHow It WorksBest Features
Scannero.ioIt tracks the phone’s location using the phone number or text messagesPhone tracking featureTurning regular messages to anonymousData leak checkerLost phone finder
Spokeo.comIt may track phone’s location using a name, address, phone number, and email.Location history checkerDetailed personal data
Yotracker.comTracking the phone using a phone numberAccurate phone tracker
Geofinder.mobiTracking the phone using a phone number and text messagesIP LoggerTracking using GPSMobile data provider checker

Scannero review

Amongst the options we’ve just mentioned above, the tool we highly recommend is as it has more features to offer and the same easy operation that anyone can simply use. Other than to track phone without app, you may also use Scannero for many other purposes.

For example, Scannero can give you the ability to check who’s calling. We’re used to receiving calls from unknown numbers, and most of the time, it’s either a scammer or a bank calling to offer credit cards. However, there were some moments when the one actually calling you was your family members who didn’t have your number before.

It could be someone important as well, like the clients or suppliers who didn’t have your contact. Surely, you wouldn’t want to reject every unknown call, right? That’s when Scannero arrived with its calls-checking feature.

The tool will work to reveal who’s the one calling you. What’s interesting is this will also work for text messages as well.

Getting to know what’s calling may give you a sense of relief as the truth reveals itself right in front of your eyes. If these calls are coming from scammers, you’ll know from their numbers and locations. So if you got calls like these, reject and block them for good.

Step-by step-Instruction

To use this track phone without installing app, surely you have to do some steps first. No need to worry as they are pretty easy do to.

1. Visit the Website

If you want to know, “how to track my child’s phone without them knowing for free?” The answer would be The first thing you have to do here is to visit its official website. So simply go to access it.

2. Put The Number Down

Upon visiting the site, you may notice that the page has a search bar, which is the place to put the phone numbers. So copy the number, and paste it here.

3. Let It Work

After clicking search, Scannero will work almost immediately to check who’s the phone number’s owner along with the phone’s location.

What else can Scannero do?

Aside from giving you the easiness to check someone’s phone location, this app to track phone without them knowing also has plenty of others functionality, such as:

1. Send Anonymous Text and Voice Messages

If you want to hide your personal info, Scanner has a feature to make both text and voice messages anonymous.

2. Data Leaks Checker

When putting your own number, you may also check whether your personal data has been leaked to the whole internet or not.

3. Lost Phone Finder

Thanks to its phone-tracking ability, you may also check your lost phone’s latest location by putting your own numbers. Also its not a problem to track a phone that is turned off.


Tracking phones is easier now thanks to those tracking tools. If you’re wondering what’s the best tool to have, we highly recommend using as it has more features and is easy to use. With it, you may easily track someone’s location even without their permission.

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