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How Do You Find an Address Using a Phone Number?

Sometimes, you need to know someone’s address, but you only have their phone number and feel uncomfortable asking them directly. However, it’s not that difficult now. Using the appropriate tools, you can easily have all their personal information, including their mailing address.

You only need to be assured about the trustworthiness of these tools. Many sites and apps on the market today claim to search for the address by phone number.

In this blog, you will learn how to do an address search USA.

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Why Search Address by Phone Number?

It can be required both in a personal or professional context by anybody for specific reasons:

  • Reconnecting With the Lost Connects

Sometimes, people want to reconnect with their old friends or relatives they lost touch with due to busy schedules or relocation. They only have the phone number with them. Search address by phone number helps them to re-establish their relationships. Thankfully, with services like, finding your friends and loved ones and reliving the memories you had together is easy.

  • Verifying Contact Information

Many businesses require verification of contact details before shipping their products to avoid any loss, including resending the product, customer dissatisfaction, or lost shipments.

  • Safety Issues

In online transactions, people must know whom they are dealing with. Address verification by phone number helps assess the other party’s legitimacy. You know who you’re dealing with, and it helps avoid scams.

  • Legal Proceedings/Debt Collection

Searching the address associated with phone number is often required when serving notices for legal proceedings and debt collection.

  • In Emergency

In specific emergencies, when you urgently need to reach someone but don’t have their address or cannot contact them, using a phone number to search for their address can be very helpful.

Can You Find Address From Phone Number?

Are you also looking for a website to facilitate your address search USA?

So, in the coming sections, we present you with the best solutions. Have a look:

Search Address by Phone Number in USA with

Now, you can easily trace the people texting you unnecessarily or making scam calls. allows you to identify the location of any person by phone.

The Reverse Phone Number Lookup feature searches various databases to provide accurate information about the person you seek. The process is straightforward to start with.

You only need to enter the phone number you want to verify, then click Start Search, And will process it.

Some notable features of this unique tool are:

  • Reverse Username Lookup: Run a background check on any stranger you meet online and uncover their other online accounts.
  • Location by Link: With, you only need to generate and share a link with the person you want to trace. As they click on the link, you will know their location.
  • Location by Number: You can discover their location once they tap on it by sending an anonymous message with a link to their number.
  • Locate Your Lost Phone: Texting your lost phone through helps trace its location.
  • Email and Phone Leak Checker: It also helps you ensure that your phone number or email is not leaked online.
  • Voice Message: If you share any personal message, Scannero converts it into an anonymous message, keeping your identity disclosed.

Stay Connected and Protected With Searqle

Searqle is also one of the best ways to search address by phone number in USA.

Searqle is the most trusted online phone directory in the U.S., providing all the details with contact information, address, public records, and even criminal and financial records. Also you can find facebook by phone number, and other social media accounts.

You only need to enter the person’s name and city/state and click the search button. It will help you find a person, look up a phone number, find their residential address, or a background check. One can explore any feature depending on their requirements.

Use Intelius to Track Someone’s Location in the U.S.

Intelius can help you identify the owner of any unknown number and search address by phone number. Its Reverse Phone Number Lookup feature scans public record sources for all available information related to that number.

It is easy to use; add the phone number, and it provides enough details, including the owner’s history, location history, contact details, and social media profiles, within minutes.

How Do Websites Obtain One’s Address from Their Phone Number?

Websites can find a person’s address from their phone number using various sources and technologies.

  • User Submissions: When someone enters their address and phone number on any website’s online form, this information can be shared or sold to other websites.
  • Public Records: Many websites can access several databases, including property records, vote registrations, court records, etc., if they have anyone’s phone number linked to any public record.
  • Cookies and Tracking: If a person fills out any form on a website that uses tracking technologies, it can easily share all their details with third parties.
  • Data Brokers: Websites also purchase information from third-party data brokers to obtain personal information, including addresses and phone numbers.


Technology can simplify anything. Today, anyone can access one’s details and address. While this accessibility can pose risks, it safeguards your interests and protects you from scams or fraud.

If you need to search address by phone number USA, consider using any of the sites mentioned above, such as Many other sites can also help with it. However, it’s crucial to identify the most trustworthy and reliable one.

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