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GPS/IP Address Tracker

Use the GPS/IP tracker link to locate them via any messenger or email.

Discover someone's location even if you don't have their number.

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Explore the Endless Possibilities of Our GPS/IP Logger

  • step 1

    Generate several links at the same time.

  • step 2

    Track 30+ people using one link location.

  • step 3

    Name each link to make it easy to find the needed one in the location history.

  • step 4

    Uncover detailed information beyond just the location. Learn about the type of device, operating system, language, and even screen size.

Activating your tracking link

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IP locations: Available

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Tracking link activated

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How Can an GPS/IP Tracker Link Help?

You’ve become a victim of bullies on social media

Whether they're hiding behind fake accounts or not, Scannero can still track their GPS/IP address, allowing you to report them to the appropriate authorities.

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You need to make sure your loved ones are honest about their whereabouts

No more wondering where they really are. With our GPS/IP logger, you can get access to accurate information.

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You want to keep your GPS/IP tracking activities private and secure

With advanced encryption, rest assured that only you can access the valuable information on someone’s GPS/IP address.

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What real users say about

Linda R.

I used to think tracking someone was too hard until I found Scannero. Now, all I have to do is create a link, send it via WhatsApp and a few minutes later I can view a person’s location and other interesting details.

Joseph N.

Earlier, I was tracking people with their phone numbers. But when Scannero launched a new feature, things got even easier. I can now locate strangers who write strange messages and comments on my social media or email scammers…well anyone. All with just a single link. It’s so great!

Amy K.

My son was targeted by some bullies who thought they could hide behind fake accounts. We decided to block them, but they continued to find ways to terrorize my kid. Wanting to stop this, I’ve got the Scannero GPS tracker. This is how we could find the location of these bullies, who turned out to be my son’s classmates.

Roger H.

Sometimes just for fun I like to use the Scannero IP tracker to see where my friends are. Even though I haven't had any serious situations where I needed this feature, it's great to have it just in case. I also like the data leak checker, works great!

Austin S.

Recently I got an email from someone claiming to be the support manager of a popular app asking to renew my billing details. Turned out it was a scammer who stole a larger sum of money from my account. Desperate to find this thief, I’ve purchased Scannero for its GPS tracker. It helped me to find this person and report him to the authorities. Thank you!

Brittany M.

I always dreamed of being a detective. Maybe it's because I've seen almost every movie in the genre. And now, thanks to Scannero, I feel like an agent in “Mission Impossible” who can easily find anyone anywhere.

Cheryl P.

I never thought I could find someone’s location right from my favorite messenger. With Scannero, I can simply send a link to a person, and a few moments later when they click on it, I can see their IP address. This is absolutely amazing.

Megan K.

I’ve been using Scannero for quite a while now and have tested all the features in action. All of them work great, but the GPS logger is still my favorite! For such a low price it’s an incredible tool when you need to locate someone quickly.

Jordan R.

I was really surprised by how easy it is to use Scannero. What I like the most is that you don’t need an app to get the needed info. Everything works online so you can just open your browser on your phone or computer, log in to your account, and do what you have to do.

Kelly C.

I started texting with a guy and he seemed nice at first. We’d never met in real life so I didn’t know what he really looked like also because he didn’t have any photo on his profile. I liked our conversation, but as it continued, he turned into a stalker, claiming he knew where I lived or what I wore at that time. It became really scary so I decided to track him down. Using Scannero, I managed to receive his GPS address. And this is when I realized it was my ex-boyfriend trying to get back at me.

Wayne E.

One day, I had a big fight with my son. We all know how emotional teens can get. He just left and didn’t come home that day. I was very concerned and wanted to know where he was, but he didn’t answer his phone. So I put Scannero's IP tracker to work. To my relief, he stayed at his friend’s house. I’m so grateful for the peace of mind you gave me!

How to track a device using a link locator?

  • 01

    Create an account

    Just enter your email and phone number and choose a password.

  • 02

    Generate a link

    Name the location-sharing link if you want, and send it through one of the messengers or email.

  • 03

    Receive the location

    Once they click the link, log in to your account to view their GPS or IP address.

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Other Scannero Features

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Location by number
Easily locate someone while keeping your identity under wraps. Send an anonymous message to their number with a location-sharing link. Once they tap on it, you can see their whereabouts.
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Reverse phone lookup
No more concerns about receiving calls and texts from strangers. Scannero will let you know who’s on the other end by revealing the true identity behind unknown numbers.
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icon 3
Reverse nickname lookup
Run a background check on anyone you’ve met online. Enter their nickname to uncover any other online accounts linked to it, including those on social media platforms and dating apps.
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icon 4
Send message to lost phone
Can’t find your lost phone using the built-in locating features? Try sending a message to your number via Scannero to prompt anyone who finds your phone to return it to you.
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icon 5
Send voice message
When you have personal information to share, trust us to keep your name confidential. Simply write down your thoughts, and Scannero will turn them into an anonymous voice message.
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All you need to know

How can I track an GPS/ IP address for free?

There may be some free GPS/IP loggers out there, but most of them allow you only to check your own address. If you want to locate another person, these trackers require the IP number. Meanwhile, Scannero uses a link locator which you can generate directly in your online account. You don’t install anything on your or their phone. You don’t even need to know a person’s phone number. All you have to do it to send the location-sharing link to the the target person via suggested messengers or email. Once they click on it, you’ll receive their exact GPS/IP address along with details like the type of device they use, OS name and version, language, and even screen size.

Can I trace an GPS/IP address location without them knowing?

Scannero is a legal URL GPS/IP tracker. It means that the person who receives a link has to agree to share their location. The tracking process without a person’s consent will be considered illegal. If you don’t want them to know you’re trying to locate them, you can try our phone tracker by number. The feature works similarly to the GPS/IP address tracker, but instead of sharing links through the messenger, you’d send it via SMS completely anonymously. Please remember that even in such a case, their consent is still required.

What devices is the Scannero GPS/IP tracker compatible with?

Since Scannero is an online GPS/IP address tracker, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility. It works perfectly on any device: computers, smartphones, and laptops, regardless of their operating system. While our tracker by number only gives access to phone location, the IP logger allows you to check the address of a computer if the person clicks the link on this device.

Can I find someone's GPS/IP address online?

If you want to track someone online, the Scannero GPS/IP address location tracker is a perfect choice. While it’s an advanced technology, it’s still very easy to use. Simply go to the official website, create an account, purchase a subscription, generate a link, and send it to the person you want to locate. You can either use any messenger of your choice or email to share the link. For added convenience, you can name the link to personalize it so it’ll be easier for you to find it in the location history.

Do I need to install Scannero to track someone’s GPS/IP address?

Scannero is an online service that requires neither the physical nor the installation of an additional app. What’s more, you don’t need to know the person’s phone number as you can send the location-sharing link directly from your messenger or email.

How long does it take to access the Scannero GPS/IP logger?

Getting started with Scannero is easy and will take only a few minutes of your time. Since everything is working online, you don’t have to install anything on your phone. All you need to do is register your account. For this, enter your email and purchase a one-day trial. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll immediately get access to your dashboard and all the features.

How to find out where the GPS/IP address is from?

You might have your own reasons to use an GPS/IP address tracker. You might want to check if your partner is telling the truth about their whereabouts or make sure your kid doesn’t visit dangerous places. There are also cases when some scammers try to target you on social media. In each of these and other cases, Scannero can easily help you find the GPS/IP address of the people you’re searching for. It’s an online service with worldwide coverage, allowing you to track individuals no matter where you or they are.

How many GPS/IP addresses can I track?

Unlike most GPS/IP loggers that let you track only your own address, Scannero makes it possible to use one link locator to find up to 30 people at the same time. You just need to generate a link location in your online account and send it to the people you want to track. Another great thing about Scannero is that the same person can click the link 30 times and each time they do so, you will receive their GPS/IP address. It’s very convenient if their location is constantly changing but you want to be informed about their movements.

What else can I do with Scannero?

The possibilities of Scannero aren’t limited to the GPS/IP tracking feature. Originally designed as a phone tracker, Scannero allows you to secretly locate someone by sending them an anonymous message containing a location-sharing link. Another great feature is a name lookup allowing you to find out who’s the owner of the number. You can also enter the name of the person to get their phone number. And this is just the beginning of what Scannero has to offer.

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