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Do you want to track a cell phone location by number?

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How to localize a phone number anonymously?
  • step 1
    Create an account
    Just enter your email, set a password, and punch in the number you want to locate.
  • step 1
    Send a location request
    Scannero.IO will send a text message that will locate the phone number.
  • step 1
    Receive the location
    Get the exact location of the phone number via email and view it on the map in your dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track someone by cell phone number?

Definitely yes and is the perfect service for this. It can easily find the phone number location a few times. You just need to enter your loved one’s phone number and will do the rest for you.

Is it even legal to use the Scannero phone number tracker?

Your concerns about the location tracker are natural. But we can assure you that locating someone by phone number is legal based on the recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Since Scannero sends the location request to the targeted person's phone, it’s up to them to decide if they agree to be tracked. And if they follow the link in the message, this automatically gives you their consent, which is the main requirement for using apps or services of such kind.

How do I locate a phone number without physical access to the phone?

With Scannero, you don’t need to install any additional app on your or your loved one’s phone. All you need to do is open the web version of Scannero in any browser of your choice. Once you do, you can create an account in a few clicks and find their location just by entering their phone number.

What networks does the Scannero support?

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to track a cell phone location by number. You don’t even need to know what network they use, as Scannero works on any network, meaning it can locate anyone anywhere.

How fast can Scannero find the location of a phone number?

Once you type in their phone number, you need to wait just about two minutes for Scannero to track location by phone number. That’s how long it usually takes for the location request message to arrive on their phone. And as soon as they follow the link, you’ll immediately get detailed info about where they are.

What is Scannero?

Scannero is a service that can help you to find a location by phone number. Whether you want to find your kid, partner, or anyone at all, our phone tracker by number can do this.

Can I track the location of the phone number if I don’t know its model?

There is no need to know their phone model. As long as you know their phone number, you can easily locate them using our phone number tracker. Scannero works online, meaning you can simply open it in any browser. Once you create an account and type in their phone number, you’ll know their exact location in a matter of minutes.

Can Scannero track the phone number location of the stolen or lost device?

Scannero runs online, which means it can work perfectly on any device. You can even try to localize the phone number of the stolen device. Keep in mind that the target device must have an active SIM card and Internet connection for Scannero to track it.

Is it possible to find the location by phone number without a SIM card in a targeted device?

Scannero can easily find anyone just by phone number. If the person you want to find changes the SIM card, but the phone number is the same, then you can locate them. If the number is also changed, you need to know it for Scannero to work.

Do I need to install to track a cell phone location by number?

We’ve created our phone number tracker in such a way that you do not need either physical access to the phone or an additional app. can find your loved one’s location using their phone number only.

Can I track a cell phone location by a number on Android or iPhone?

If you’ve ever wondered where your loved ones are, Scannero is what you need. This phone number tracker works perfectly on any device regardless of its operating system. You don’t even need to install an app to get their exact location. Just type in their phone number and you’re good to go.

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Enter the phone number to track the location:
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    Receiving Location The recipient receives a discreet text message that will share location.
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    See GPS location on the map You will be notified to your email and will see the location on a map.