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Phone Number Tracker in Nigeria

Imagine you just came home after a long grocery haul from a crowded Nigerian market, and you realize you have lost your phone. What is your plan of action now? Don’t panic; all you need to do is use a number tracker in Nigeria to locate your phone.

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Scannero: Most Efficient Phone Number Tracker in Nigeria

As of 2022, people who are registered users of a mobile sim in Nigeria amounted to over 301 million. Every mobile number is different, and with your help, you can trace the lost phone.

Real-time locations can be obtained using Scannero. Trackers like Scannero can become essential for our lives. Not just in situations like losing your phone but also in general, staying connected to your loved ones. If you have kids and work a day shift, you can track their location. This will keep you relieved and ensure you know their whereabouts.

Using a tracker can be an easy task; you just need to have a few things sorted out for that. But before setting up, you’ll have to make sure that your tracker is safe for you and your data. There are apps that can use it against you, but Scannero has all the right certifications and is safe.

How to Get a Hold of the Phone Number through Scannero?

Setting up Scannero is an easy process; anyone can do it, no matter the level of expertise. If you’re curious about using Scannero on your phone, here’s a detailed guide:

Step1: Type Your Phone Number in

Initially, enter your phone number on the Scannero interface. Additionally, you may choose to include a customized note that explains why you’re tracking.

Step 2: Click “Send.”

To send your message, just click the “send” button on the Scannero platform after adding your phone number. The message is sent to the intended cell phone right away.

Step 3: Begin Monitoring

There is a special link in the message that Scannero sent. You are able to access the location of the gadget after the receiver clicks on this link. By clicking this link, the phone’s location detection is enabled, making it possible for Scannero to locate it.

It’s crucial to utilize a phone number tracker in Nigeria, such as Scannero, sensibly and just for morally driven objectives.

Track phone number with Scannero

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What makes Scannero the ideal choice for a Tracking App?

Scannero is a feature-rich program designed specifically for users who care. It has a wide range of functions that address phone number monitoring and personal information security. Although the software has its own set of benefits and limitations, its main attraction is its unique ability. This ability is to track the whereabouts of any phone using just its phone number.

The app works greatly for both Android and iOS users and gives real-time output. It doesn’t ask much or take much time. Unlike a few other apps that take up to 24 hrs to locate something, this responds in a few minutes. Thanks to its GPS satellite system usage. Scannero uses a subscription model and is a cost-effective application compared to its alternatives. It is a legal number tracker in Nigeria.

How to Track Phone Through Free Phone Number Tracker in Nigeria ?

To find your misplaced phone, you don’t always have to rely on expensive trackers; there are free alternatives as well, albeit they might not be as efficient and user-friendly as premium services like Scannero.

Find My Device‘ is an app available for Android users in Nigeria, and ‘Find My’ is an app for

Your loved ones’ phones and security can be improved with the use of these apps.

Find My Device for Android

For Android users in Nigeria, you can utilize the ‘Find My Device‘ app. This application can help ensure the security of your loved ones and their phones.

Google Maps as Android number tracker in Nigeria

To prepare for the event of losing your Android phone, you should ensure the following:

1. Your Android smartphone is connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

2. The device has to have Location and Find My Device enabled.

3. It is logged into a Google Account.

If you’ve misplaced more than one device, you can visit in a web browser, log in, and select the lost device. You’ll receive a notification with the device’s approximate location on the map. You can play a sound, secure the device with a password or PIN, or remotely wipe all data.

Google recommends enabling the lock and delete feature. Once wiped, the device will no longer be accessible via Find My Device.

This setup might secure you but works only under certain conditions; also, setting up can be confusing. Scannero, on the other hand, doesn’t have these limitations; it is extremely simple and easy to enable.

Find My App for iOS

Use Find My App on iOS to Track Cell Numbers for Free in Nigeria

It’s simple to set up ‘Find My’ on iOS. Here’s a detailed how-to:

1. Tap on your name after launching the Settings app.

2. Click “Find My“option

3. To share your location with friends and family, turn on the “Share My Location” toggle.

4. Activate Find My [device_name]’.

5. ‘Find My Network‘ should be enabled for offline tracking.

To tell Apple the position of the device when the battery runs low, turn on “Send Last Location.”

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services and toggle on Location Services to make sure it’s enabled.

These instructions can help you find your misplaced phone in Nigeria using free tracking services, giving you peace of mind and device protection. While this service helps you, it doesn’t secure you as much as Scannero does.


Here are a few frequently asked questions.

How to Find out Someone’s Location Secretly?

This is not ethically responsible to track someone’s location secretly; it is considered a breach of privacy. However, if you have their permission, the use of Scannero would be a good option.

How to Track the Phone Number?

It is easy to set up and use a number tracker in Nigeria; the process is given in the above-mentioned sections of the article.

Can You Track Phone Without Installing an App?

It is possible, but it is suggested you go by the app only. Scannero is available on both Android and iOS and is easy to use.

Final Thoughts on Nigeria Phone Number Tracker

Scannero is a great service, but users must utilize the program responsibly. They need to be conscious of the ethical ramifications that come with this kind of technology. Before choosing a subscription plan, like with any service, it’s important to consider your unique needs and financial situation.

In conclusion, Scannero stands out as a useful tool for Nigerians. Especially for those looking to improve their security and privacy in the face of the complexity of the modern digital environment.

Track phone number with Scannero

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