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Phone Number Tracker in Ghana: Find Someone’s Location

Several location-tracking apps and websites are available online. However, they may only offer limited information and are not entirely accurate. If you’re looking for a reliable phone number tracker in Ghana, keep reading to learn all the details on how to track anyone’s phone location.

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Why You May Need to Track a Phone Number?

Phone number tracking can give you information about the current location of a device. Knowing the location can help if you’ve misplaced the device or forgotten it somewhere. Another benefit is knowing your loved ones’ locations or knowing where your employees are during work hours.

Phone number tracking can help you with

  • Ensuring child and family security: Tracking your kid’s phones can give you peace of mind knowing they are safe no matter where they go. You may track your whole family to keep a check on them.
  • Locate lost devices: If you lose a device, you can easily track its live location.
  • Friends and loved ones: Even if you’re in different cities, location tracking can help you stay connected.
  • Data protection: Anonymous phone tracking can give you unknown callers’ locations.
  • Business management: With location tracking, you can know the whereabouts of your workers, whether they work from the office or in the field.
  • Check location history with phone number. View phone location history

How to Track a Phone Number’s Location in Ghana?

Now you know all the reasons you may want to track a number. Whether you need to track family, friends, or employees, you can keep an eye on their location or if they leave a certain area. Some common tracking services are Google Maps and Find My Phone Features.

As per GSMA Intelligence data, the number of phone users was 43.88 million in 2023, which was equivalent to 129.8% of the total population. Considering the number of cell phone users, regular location tracking and online directories may not suffice.

To track the accurate location, you may need services that are committed to providing the information with precision. When you want an accurate location, you can no longer depend on unreliable platforms. We suggest using Scannero to find a phone’s location and track it in real-time.

What is Scannero?

Scannero is a reliable location-tracking service. This phone number tracker in Ghana can be used globally as well. With a few simple steps to register, one can easily track the location of loved ones, family members, kids, and even employees.

Moreover, if your device gets stolen or lost, Scannero can help track it. Without having the phone in proximity, you’ll be able to track every move via Scannero.

Here are some of the premium Scannero features:

  • Get location by link

Use the platform to generate a link by logging into the Scannero account and typing the phone number. Scannero will send the link via SMS, email or messenger. The tracking service will start once the user taps on the link. You can also set a custom message or choose from pre-set messages to make sure it’s discreet.

  • Geofencing

Add geographical boundary alerts and receive a notification if the device goes past a certain area.

  • Reverse phone lookup

Find the unknown number’s identity.

  • Lost mobile number Tracker Ghana

You may track the location of a lost phone by simply sending a message or a voice note.

How Does Google Maps Location Tracker Work?

Tracking location not only gives insight into geographical location but also gives users a sense of control. You can easily use the Google Maps location tracking feature to your advantage.

To do so, turn on the target phone’s GPS and add the number to your Google Contacts. Using the targeted phone, tap on the Share Location feature. Add the contact number you want to share the location with. Google Maps will work as a phone number tracker in Ghana.

The downside of using this method is that you will need access to both devices to enable the above features. So if you wish to track someone, you’ll need their permission.

Alternative Methods for Number Location Tracking

There are some free alternative methods to track someone’s location. For instance, Android users may use the Find My Device app, and Apple users can use the Find My iPhone app. However, these apps have to be set up beforehand for them to work in emergencies.

The accuracy of these apps will also depend on whether the phone is working and has access to the internet. Besides, the location of the device should be turned on at all times for the number tracker Ghana feature.

Find My Device for Android

If you own an Android device, you will have to log into your Google Account to be able to use the Find My Phone features. Besides, make sure your phone is visible on Google Play and Find My Device is turned on.

In addition, your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi and have your location turned on at all times. Lastly, it should be turned on or have enough power left for the feature to work.

Now follow these steps to access the location via the Find My Phone feature:

  • Login to your Google Account.
  • Go to Google Play to install the Find My Device App.
  • Turn on the location feature if it’s not already on.
  • Tap on the 2-step verification with the backup code
  • Log in to a Google Account using the web browser on a laptop or another phone.
  • Start tracking the phone.

Find My App for IOS

If you have an iPhone and wish to track its location when needed, you will have to follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to iPhone’s Settings.
  • Tap on Apple ID.
  • Make sure your account is logged in.
  • Tap on Find My iPhone.
  • Toggle the switch to turn it on.
  • The feature is on when the switch turns green.

If you want to access the lost iPhones on the map, you’ll have to ensure the location services are always on. For this, you’ll have to:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Find Privacy and Security.
  • Tap to turn on the Location Services.

Another brilliant feature to track lost iPhones is to turn on the Send Last Location feature in case the battery is about to die. Turn it on in the Find My Network section.


Now you know all about the best phone number tracker in Ghana. With Scannero, you can safely find the phone’s location while protecting your data. Sign up with your email and get started by simply typing in the number. Scannero comes in handy if you lose a phone or wish to keep a check on friends and family. Another option to track your device is using the Find My Phone feature.

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