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Best Phone Number Tracking App in Singapore

The world we live in can not survive without a mobile phone. This gadget has tremendously changed our lives, but losing it would wreak havoc in our lives. Here’s a solution: You can track your phone now simply by using your phone number. For this, you might need a good phone number tracker in Singapore. Don’t worry, we will help you with that.

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Can I Find a Lost Phone in Singapore by Number?

If you are in Singapore and your phone has been stolen, or you have lost it somewhere, don’t lose hope just yet. There’s a solution for everything, and in this situation, the most obvious would be tracking your phone. For this, Scannero is a trustworthy mobile number tracker in Singapore that can help you find your phone in no time.

Finding your lost phone, especially when it is turned off, is challenging, but Scannero can make things easier for you. It will allow you to send a message to your lost phone, and once it’s read, you’ll get its location on a map.

Even if your phone is shut down, sooner or later, the thief or the finder will have to turn it on. The moment they read the message sent by Scannero, you’ll get an alert for the current location of your lost phone.

The Steps for Tracking a Phone’s Location With Scannero

Tracking your lost phone is a piece of cake with Scannero as it involves only a few simple steps, as discussed below.

Step 1: Add Your Phone Number

The first step would ideally be to insert your phone number onto the Scannero platform. There is also an option to add a personalized message, possibly stating the reason for tracking.

Step 2: Press Send

After you have inserted your phone number and personalized your message, hit ‘send’. Your message will reach the targeted mobile phone immediately, or whenever it is switched on.

Step 3: Track Your Phone

This message sent by Scannero contains a special link with a custom message that you can edit. Once the finder clicks on the link, it enables location detection on your phone. Post activation of location detection, Scannero will start pinpointing the location of the lost phone.

The one thing that you should always make sure of is that the use of phone number tracker Singapore is to be done for ethical reasons only.

How Quickly Can I Track a Phone Number?

A usual phone number tracker Singapore puts GPS satellites to use. Therefore, they can fetch the phone location details in a few minutes. However, some trackers may take up to 24 hours to provide a pinpointed location, as they might also be using carrier records.

But with Scannero, you can expect to get location alerts within a few seconds. On top of that, the location information is shared in the form of an interactive map.

It’s not just about a lost phone. You may also use Scannero to track the location of your loved ones to ensure their safety. For example, your kid might have gone on a school trip, or a college tour. Using Scannero, you can constantly monitor and check if they are in a safe place. Or to easily find them, in case they are lost on a trekking tour.

Is Scannero Able to Track Someone’s Location?

Considering that Scannero is to be used for ethical reasons only, it is possible to track someone’s location through the app.

You can use Scannero to track a person with their phone number to

  • Ensure your child’s safety
  • Monitor your employees (especially field workers)
  • Reach your loved ones in case of danger or an accident

These are just a few scenarios you might want to use Scannero to track someone’s location.

The protection of loved ones is always the highest priority; with this location tracker, you increase the ease of accessibility to your loved ones. On the other hand, tracking phone numbers for professional reasons can help boost the productivity of your employees.

Moreover, this mobile number tracker Singapore is very convenient to use. You will not have to install any app on the tracked device. You will just have to create an account on, and fill in the phone number to track it. Furthermore, you don’t even need physical access to the device to be tracked.

How Can I Track Phone Number for Free Singapore?

It’s not mandatory to use paid trackers to locate your lost phone. This can also be done through free applications/platforms as well. They might not be as effective or provide much ease of use as the paid ones like Scannero, but they do the job.

If you have an Android you can use the ‘Find My Device App’ as a Singapore phone number tracker free, On an IOS device you’ll have to opt for the ‘Find MY’ app. These apps can facilitate your loved one’s and their phone’s security.

Google Maps for Android

As a precautionary step, you would have to ensure certain things in case you lose your device:

  1. Android phone should be linked to Wi-Fi or mobile data
  2. Location and Find My Phone should be enabled
  3. You’re logged into a Google Account on the phone.

If you have more than one lost device, go to in a browser, log in, and choose the one you lost. A notice containing the approximate position of the device on the map will be sent to you. A sound can be played, the device can be secured with a password or PIN, or all data can be deleted.

Google advises enabling lock and delete. The device will not work with Find My Device after wiping.

Using free apps like ‘Find My Device’ has a lot of prerequisites which is where Scannero shines. You only need a few basics covered to receive the real-time location on the map.

Find My App for IOS as a Mobile Number Tracker Free Singapore

Setting up ‘Find My’ is incredibly easy in iOS. A detailed method is given below.

  1. Begin by opening the Settings app and tap your name.
  2. Then, tap Find My.
  3. To enable sharing your location with friends and family, toggle on Share My Location.
  4. Tap Find My [device] to switch it on.
  5. For offline tracking, activate Find My Network.
  6. To send the device’s location to Apple when your device’s battery is low, enable Send Last Location.

Ensure Location Services is on by navigating to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services and toggling it on.

The Find My network utilizes an encrypted, anonymous network of numerous Apple devices to assist in locating your device.

‘Find My’ app is great, but it has the potential to drain your device’s battery, ultimately affecting the device’s long-term battery health. Scannero in this case works as a wonderful alternative.

Final Verdict

It is possible to use phone number tracker in Singapore using a variety of mobile applications like Scannero that are specifically for this purpose. Using these tools, users may ensure the safety and security of their loved ones and data.

When utilizing such services, it is imperative to adhere to ethical issues and privacy rules. Always confirm the platform’s validity and the reason for tracing a phone number.

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