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How to find your
lost or stolen phone?
  • step 1
    Create an account
    Only a phone number, email, and password are needed.
  • step 1
    Send a location request
    The service will send a text message that will locate the phone number.
  • step 1
    Receive the location
    The address and GPS location will be on the map on your dashboard and will be sent to your email.

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Essential tips to consider

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to explain your situation to the finder.

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to motivate the finder of your lost phone to give it back to you!

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to ensure the finder can quickly reach you about your lost device.

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What real users say
about Scannero

Monica A.

Scannero is a brilliant app for finding lost or stolen phones. My phone was stolen at a busy shopping mall, and I was devastated. With a few clicks, I found my phone in the parking lot.

Denae J.

Scannero is a reliable solution when it comes to finding lost phones. I lost mine at a crowded concert and was afraid I would never see it again. However, a nice guy returned the phone to me. We are dating now! :)

Michael C.

I can't thank Scannero enough for helping me retrieve my stolen phone. I had given up hope until I used a service on a friend's phone. Scannero provided the thief's location, allowing me to recover my phone and apprehend the culprit. This app is a true hero!

Doreen E.

Scannero is a savior! I dropped my phone in a taxi, and panic set in immediately. I offered a reward to a taxi driver and got my phone back for only 50 bucks.

Donna F.

My daughter went to the cinema with her friends and lost her phone there. We used Scannero to view the phone’s location on the map and saw it in her friend’s house. Unfortunately, her friend accidentally put the phone in her bag. Thanks to Scannero, we returned the phone!

Geraldo M.

I highly recommend Scannero to anyone who has experienced the panic of losing their phone. The software is highly user-friendly and reliable. I can be calm knowing that Scannero exists!

Hector V.

I'm amazed by the effectiveness of Scannero in helping me locate my lost phone. I misplaced it at a park while playing with my kids, and I didn't realize it until we got home. Thankfully, the reward I offered helped me return my phone!

William E.

Scannero is a must-have solution for anyone concerned about losing their phone. It offers a seamless experience with its intuitive interface and powerful tracking capabilities. I accidentally left my phone at a coffee shop, but Scannero helped me locate it quickly. The service saved me from a potential nightmare!

Hilda A.

I'm impressed by how efficient Scannero is in finding lost phones. I thought I had left the device at the shop, and instead of wasting hours feeling anxious, I simply asked my son to use Scannero to show the device's location on the map. Furthermore, I was calm, knowing I misplaced my phone at home. Brilliant app!

Pearl D.

I can't express my gratitude enough to Scannero. My phone was stolen during my morning commute, and I immediately referred to this service. It provided location details, so I was able to find the exact place where the thief was. Thanks to Scannero, I got my phone back, and the thief was caught!

Pedro N.

I've tried several apps to track lost phones, but none come close to Scannero. Its accuracy and reliability are unmatched. I lost my phone while hiking, and Scannero guided me to the man who found my phone and returned it.

Other Scannero Features

feature icon

Location by

Locating someone has never been easier. Generate a link in your account and share it via any messenger, SMS, or email. When they click on the link, you'll see their exact location.
feature icon

Location by

Easily locate someone while keeping your identity under wraps. Send an anonymous message to their number with a location-sharing link. Once they tap on it, you can see their whereabouts.
feature icon

Reverse phone lookup

No more concerns about receiving calls and texts from strangers. Scannero will let you know who’s on the other end by revealing the true identity behind unknown numbers.
feature icon

Reverse username lookup

Run a background check on anyone you’ve met online. Enter their nickname to uncover any other online accounts linked to it, including those on social media platforms and dating apps.
feature icon

Email & Phone Leak checker

Ensure the privacy of your data. Scannero checks several databases for your personal information and lets you know if your phone number or email is leaked online.
feature icon

Send voice

When you have personal information to share, trust us to keep your name confidential. Simply write down your thoughts, and Scannero will turn them into an anonymous voice message.

All You Need to Know

I lost my phone, how can I find it?

If you want to know how to find a lost phone, then look no further than using Scannero. It is an outstanding web-based solution that allows returning your phone within a few simple steps. First, you need to create an account; if you don’t have access to the internet because of the phone loss, you can ask your friends or relatives to help you complete this step. Then, fill in the provided form specifying the reward amount for the lost phone, your name, additional contact phone, and your email. It should be done due to the simple aim that the finder can give your device back to you. Our software allows you to find lost phone by number without extra effort!

How do I find my lost phone that operates on iOS?

There is no difference for Scannero, whether you have an Android or iOS phone. We offer you a completely online service that will work with any device. All you need to find lost cell phone is a valid phone number. Also, a phone has to be connected to the internet to provide you with its current location details properly.

How do I find a lost phone if I know only the phone number?

Phone loss is a perplexing situation. However, there is a solution to how to find your lost phone. Try using Scannero, a modern web-based solution that allows locating a phone with just a phone number. Once you authorize on the website, you will be guided to fill in the specific gaps with the needed information about the owner of the phone. One of those gaps is for the mobile number of the lost phone. Follow the instructions, send the message, and view the location of the lost phone on the map!

How to find a lost phone for free?

We certainly understand that losing a phone is a confusing and unpleasant experience. All you want at that exact moment is just a thought of, “I need to find my lost phone.” For this actual purpose, you can use Scannero - a modern solution that allows locating a lost or stolen device. More importantly, it is almost free, as pricing starts only from $0.89. You pay less than a dollar and get a trustworthy solution that can help you get your lost device back!

We highly recommend using paid software, as free solutions can be a scam. Some of them claim that they can find lost phone, but, in fact, they appear to be malware that steals your sensitive data. It can be so traumatizing, especially at the moment when you're that much impressionable and stressed.

How to find stolen phone if I’m not tech-savvy?

If you feel anxious thinking, “What if I’m not able to find my stolen phone, because of… (any reason)” - don’t worry! You don’t need to be an advanced user or a tech genius to find the device. With Scannero, it can be a quick and simple process. Just follow the defined steps and move to success! The service is extremely user-friendly. You will be guided with hints about each step. So trust the process and be ready to get your phone back.

How can I find my lost phone? I think it is turned off.

Finding a lost phone when it is turned off is challenging. However, entrust it to Scannero - lost phone locator. The service allows you to send a message on your lost phone. Once the receiver opens and reads it, you will be able to locate the exact location of the lost or stolen device. If the phone is off, though, you'll have to wait until the finder turns it on. For any reason, it is supposed to happen anyway. That’s why you will be able to find a lost phone effortlessly!

Is it legal to help someone locate lost phone?

It is absolutely legal to help someone locate their lost phone if you have this person’s consent. For instance, you can be the only person nearby who knows the ways how to find lost phone. Offer your help, agree on the method for locating, and provide your assistance if needed. If you understand the responsibility and want everything to go smoothly, try using Scannero. It is a trustworthy service that protects all data and doesn’t share it with third parties. Hence, you can be sure that it is the best way how to find a lost cell phone.

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Enter phone number of stolen or lost phone:
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  • 01
    Create an account Only a phone number, email, and password are needed.
  • 02
    Send a location request The service will send a text message that will locate the phone number.
  • 03
    Receive the location The address and GPS location will be on the map on your dashboard and will be sent to your email.