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Do you want to track a cell phone location by number?

Entrust this to the best phone number tracker. Once you enter their phone number, will locate them in no time.
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How to localize a phone number anonymously?
  • step 1
    Create an account
    Just enter your email, set a password, and punch in the number you want to locate.
  • step 1
    Send a location request will send a text message that will locate the phone number.
  • step 1
    Receive the location
    Get the exact location of the phone number via email and view it on the map in your dashboard.

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How will you see a phone number’s location?
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Ready to get started? is a reliable phone tracker by number that can find anyone, anywhere.
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What real users say
about Scannero

Carina D.

Wow! Scannero is super-fast and super-accurate — even better than the Find My Location apps on their phone.

Channa K.

Simply amazing. Really inexpensive and so powerful. Nicely done Scannero.

Claire Z.

I was receiving threatening texts and I couldn’t make them stop no matter how hard I tried. I used Scannero to find the location of the phone that was sending the text messages. It turns out it was my neighbor. I confronted him and ensured that this didn’t happen again.

Daniella C.

OK, so my kid wanted a phone, but we don’t like the idea of a data plan. She’s 11 and really doesn’t need it. That’s an extra charge I really can’t afford every month. She’s fine with Wi-Fi. But we wanted to be able to find her location when she’s at the playground. Scannero works great. I just text her and she taps a link. Since she doesn’t need to have a data connection, it works amazing.

James R.

I love the fact that this anonymous. I want to know. But I don’t want them to know that I know.

Kenneth D.

My elderly father lives with us. It’s really great to have him at home and our kids just adore their grandfather. He likes to take them out for ice cream and other grandfatherly things every now and then, but his mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. We use Scannero to find out his location. It's helped us on many occasions and we can’t thank you guys enough.

Marianne S.

So my son was travelling the world and wanted to take a cheap phone with him. He didn’t want anything with a data plan because he was on a budget and didn’t want the extra cost. On day 4 of his tour, it had been 6 hours since he landed, and I hadn’t heard from him. I used Scannero to find his location. He was at a hotel and I knew he was safe.

Ricardo S.

As a practicing lawyer, my clients often ask me if there’s a legal way to find out someone’s location just by punching in their phone number. I tell them that as long as the person on the other end authorizes the location request, it’s perfectly legal in the jurisdictions in which my clients live. Scannero only works if the person you want to track agrees to share their location, so I have no problem recommending this product to them. I use it myself with my kids.

Stephen W.

I didn’t think this app would work. I was skeptical. But I needed a solution to help me feel good about what was happening between my wife and me. She works late a lot and there’s definitely a trust issue there. She swayed once before early on in our marriage. Not cheating or anything, but connecting with an old boyfriend and lying about it. When I get suspicious, I use Scannero to check in and make sure she’s at the office. She has the power to tell me where she is, so she always knows that I’m requesting her location. She uses it too with me when I travel on business.

Anthony U.

It’s easy to use and great when you’re in a pinch and can’t install an app on their phone. My only complaint is that by the time I received the location information, they had already picked up and left. Still, the general area of knowing where they were was helpful.

Collette H.

My location notification went to my junk folder, so I didn’t know that Scannero found their location until 3 hours later when I found it (I guess my mail program thought it was suspicious). Other than that, I really enjoy it.

Geoff L.

Great app. Works as promised. I had a few problems getting my Mastercard to work, so I’m taking off one star. But my backup Visa worked well.

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Other Scannero Features

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Location by

Locating someone has never been easier. Generate a link in your account and share it via any messenger, SMS, or email. When they click on the link, you'll see their exact location.
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Reverse phone lookup

No more concerns about receiving calls and texts from strangers. Scannero will let you know who’s on the other end by revealing the true identity behind unknown numbers.
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Reverse username lookup

Run a background check on anyone you’ve met online. Enter their nickname to uncover any other online accounts linked to it, including those on social media platforms and dating apps.
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Send message
to lost phone

Can’t find your lost phone using the built-in locating features? Try sending a message to your number via Scannero to prompt anyone who finds your phone to return it to you.
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Email & Phone Leak checker

Ensure the privacy of your data. Scannero checks several databases for your personal information and lets you know if your phone number or email is leaked online.
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Send voice

When you have personal information to share, trust us to keep your name confidential. Simply write down your thoughts, and Scannero will turn them into an anonymous voice message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track someone by cell phone number?

Absolutely! is the ideal service to track someone by their cell phone number. This online geo-tracker offers precise location information of your loved one's device, including coordinates and street details, displayed on a user-friendly map. You just need to enter your loved one’s phone number, and will do the rest for you.

Is it even legal to use the Scannero phone number tracker?

Your concerns about the location tracker are natural. But we can assure you that locating someone by phone number is legal based on the recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office. This is due to the way works: you enter the number of the person you want to track and send them a request. When someone receives a location request from Scannero, they have the option to opt-in or opt-out of being tracked. If they choose to click on the link in the message, it means they agree.

How do I locate a phone number without physical access to the phone?

There are not so many available options, but Scannero is one of them and, with no doubt, reliable. With this service, you don’t need to install any additional app on your or your loved one’s phone. All you need to do is open the web version of Scannero in any browser of your choice. Once you do, you can create an account in a few clicks and find their location just by entering their phone number. With Scannero, peace of mind is just a few steps away.

Can Scannero track cell phone locations on any network?

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to track a cell phone location by number. Regardless of the network used, Scannero works seamlessly, allowing you to locate anyone, anywhere. Plus, Scannero ensures privacy and security for all users.

Will the person know that I am watching his location? is designed to ensure that your location tracking remains discreet and anonymous. Whether you choose to generate a link to share via messenger, SMS, or email, or send an anonymous message with a location-sharing link, the person you're tracking will have no idea that you are monitoring their location.

How fast can Scannero find the location of a phone number?

Once you type in their phone number, you need to wait just about two minutes for Scannero to track location by phone number. That’s how long it usually takes for the location request message to arrive on their phone. Once the recipient clicks the link, you will receive detailed information about their whereabouts instantly. With Scannero's efficient and reliable service, finding the location of a phone number has never been easier.

What is Scannero?

Scannero is a service that can help you to find a location by phone number. It can assist you in finding your child, partner, or anyone else you need to locate.

Can I track the location of the phone number if I don’t know its model?

There is no need to know their phone model. As long as you know their phone number, you can easily locate them using our phone number tracker. Scannero works online, meaning you can simply open it in any browser. Once you create an account and type in their phone number, you’ll know their exact location in minutes.

Can Scannero track the phone number location of the stolen or lost device?

Scannero runs online, which means it can work perfectly on any device. You can even localize the phone number of the stolen device. Please note that the targeted device must have an active SIM card and an Internet connection for Scannero to successfully track it. Additionally, Scannero provides real-time updates and accurate location information to assist in retrieving your lost or stolen device.

Is it possible to find the location by phone number without a SIM card in a targeted device?

Scannero can easily find anyone just by phone number. If the person you want to find changes the SIM card, but the phone number is the same, you can locate them. If the number is also changed, you must know it for Scannero to work.

Do I need to install to track location?

We’ve created our phone number tracker in such a way that you do not need either physical access to the phone or an additional app. Using, you can effortlessly find your loved one's location with just their phone number. No complicated installations or extra steps required.

Can I track a cell phone location by a number on Android or iPhone?

If you’ve ever wondered where your loved ones are, Scannero is what you need. This phone number tracker works perfectly on any device, regardless of its operating system. The best part is, there's no need to install an app to obtain their exact location. Just enter their phone number, and you'll be all set. With Scannero, you can ensure the safety and security of your loved ones, anytime, anywhere.

Can I track someone for free?

While there are free tracking apps available, it's important to be cautious about their potential risks. Many free solutions can turn out to be scams or even malware that compromise the security of your device and steal your sensitive data. It's a highly stressful and distressing situation to find yourself in. That's why we highly recommend using a reliable and paid solution like Scannero. The best part is that it's incredibly affordable, with pricing starting at only $0.89. For less than a dollar, you get a comprehensive solution that can help you find a phone and much more.

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Enter the phone number to track the location:
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    Receiving Location The recipient receives a discreet text message that will share location.
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    See GPS location on the map You will be notified to your email and will see the location on a map.